November 16, 2017: Expectant vs. Natural Energy Flows

Tonight I reflect on the currents and flows of energy within the natural world. Within these currents, these flows are peaks, valleys, and medians. The energies pendulate themselves back and forth across a spectrum until they become still, in alignment, or the same vibration as other aspects of nature. In sensing these natural energies, I... Continue Reading →

November 15, 2017: Subtle Forces of Change

It seems like fall can be a bit of a sneaker, creeping in slowly until you suddenly notice the depth of its presence. At least that’s how it feels today, with the shift back to standard time last week, the growing darkness, and the consistency of rain falling. In addition, I’m also suddenly aware that... Continue Reading →

November 5, 2017: Heart Envisioned Qualities of Self-Love

In journalling and reflecting further on life through the exploratory avenues of my heart’s desires, I have found myself drawn to a rather simplistic form of creation. That is, I have been thinking about sensing and holding the qualities of my heart’s desires rather than utilizing my mind to create the envisionings of my heart.... Continue Reading →

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