December 8, 2017: Cultivating Heart

In allowing the death of this project just eleven days ago, I felt that no more was actually going to come through. In allowing this death and the death of specific activities within my life though, I have found a small but sweet space opening within my heart that awaits my patience and my cultivation.... Continue Reading →

November 27, 2017: Pruning Time

As many days have now passed, without having the urge or the inspiration to write, I’ve considered allowing this project to die a natural and yet untimely death. While I watch and wonder, a kind of pruning seems to be taking place within different facets of my life. All the little tendrils I have allowed... Continue Reading →

November 16, 2017: Expectant vs. Natural Energy Flows

Tonight I reflect on the currents and flows of energy within the natural world. Within these currents, these flows are peaks, valleys, and medians. The energies pendulate themselves back and forth across a spectrum until they become still, in alignment, or the same vibration as other aspects of nature. In sensing these natural energies, I... Continue Reading →

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