December 8, 2017: Cultivating Heart

In allowing the death of this project just eleven days ago, I felt that no more was actually going to come through. In allowing this death and the death of specific activities within my life though, I have found a small but sweet space opening within my heart that awaits my patience and my cultivation. It’s like a rush of fresh air has suddenly burst through and allowed me to fully breathe once again.

As I’ve allowed death and watched this opening, I am most struck by the multitude of activities that I was trying to accomplish simultaneously. It seemed as if I was always working on something or always doing something, without giving them appropriate space. Nor was I allowing myself space for appropriately cultivating a desirable life.

Thus, allowing the death of certain projects and activities seems to have allowed space for refining my focus and creating balance. Now I can fully attend to tasks I had been neglecting. Now I am even more aware of a better life balance that is more doable and satisfying. Now I can fully rest and completely surrender into the space opening within my heart, as I prepare for the cultivation of a new way of living life.

Heart Rock by Brian under CC BY 2.0

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