November 21, 2017: Self-Loving Gratitudes

Coming into our lives, into the pathways that become our lives, I believe we can never really know all of the intricacies that create who we have become at any point in time. Neither can we know the reasons for particular encounters or experiences, which may seem to create deficits or handicaps in the ways that we are able to move within our lives.

Today I offer loving gratitude to myself for all the ways that my life has been directed and redirected based on my apparent inadequacies. These are not, in my view, inadequacies. Instead they allow something very specific to be explored within my human experience, which further allows the formation of a unique individual who is poised to hold specific perspectives and to make specific offerings. They direct me toward the intended explorations of my heart and soul and away from other explorations that are not meant for this lifetime.

In offering this gratitude, this self-appreciation and love for myself, I allow myself to experience a validity for all that surrounds my outer and inner life. In effect, I’m saying I believe in myself as an empowered being who allows the creation of experiences that support a particular exploration of life. In doing so, I also allow for or play my part in the life explorations desired by others. So, to discount the value of my presence as I am, is to discount both the desired life explorations of myself and others. That is, if I were to show up differently than I am, then I would not be as valuable an experience to others within their own life explorations.

Image by johnhain under CC0 1.0

Thus, I invite you into deeper gratitudes of loving yourself. From the perspectives given here,  can you find the spaces of deeper gratitude for who you are, who you have been, and who you are becoming? Can you see the value in an instance of yourself being offered to another? Can you believe it to be the exact right thing at the exact right time? Can you then see the formation of your future selves as part of a loving offering to our next collective dream together?

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