November 18, 2017: Boxes and Containers

I have always really enjoyed working within the environment supplied to me. That is, I would rather be creative with what is present instead of buying something new or finding the exact right part, tool, situation, or circumstance. What I observe about this today, however, is how this could make me willing to remain within particular boxes, rather than imagining and creating new realities for myself.

In actuality, I feel that I am applying my creativity to expand and reinvent the box I am in. But still, it seems that I am caught in a cycle of reframing the box rather than getting out of the box and opening the fields of possibility for a different kind of life structure. It seems that I am continuously applying the programming of creating particular kinds of life boxes. Sometimes the newly created boxes are better and sometimes they are worse. And yet, they remain as boxes to work inside of.

What is perhaps useful though, is the containment of perceptions that create a personal worldview. This gives us something to play with, which can then be further explored and stretched, when no specific parameters have been set to define its structure. At the boundaries of this contained worldview, we can reach out for potential truths that may or may not be in alignment with our experiences. The container then expands or contracts respectively with what does and does not align with our personal truths.

The Ghost Behind by fiction of reality under CC BY 2.0

So, what kind of boxes or containers do you work with within your life? Are you aware of your placement within these structures? Do you mostly remain within them, at the edge of them, or outside of them? How to you want to work with your boundaries of growth within our next collective dream together?

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