October 31, 2017: Claiming Personal Wisdom

In working with this journey, this “Solstice to Solstice: Allowing Death, Cultivating Heart” journey over the last couple of weeks, I have found myself lost and fumbling around for the appropriate direction or pathway to guide it through. Questions around what my purpose is within this journey, who my audience is, and who I’m actually... Continue Reading →


Welcome to Sacred Wisdom Rising from Cedar Pathways! Within this space, I hope to encourage the rising of our individual and collective sacred wisdom. Through my own metaphoric reflections of life in connection with nature, I will attempt to inspire deeper reflection and questioning into our current ways of realizing and experiencing life. In doing... Continue Reading →

October 22, 2017: Fears Triggering Fear

In attending a conference this weekend, I unfortunately came up against an overstimulating environment that both taxed my brain and caused other physical discomforts and pain. The lights overhead were very bright and I did not notice the additional fluorescent lights, which I often have a problem with, until later in the day. Additionally, because... Continue Reading →

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